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Your life might have begun at conception, but who you are, is made up of centuries of ancestors. 

Discover the steps to healing and reaping the benefits encoded within your DNA with Teal’s NEW Ancestral Healing Program 

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ATTENTION: Get Teal's new course

Your life might have begun at conception, but who you are, is made up of centuries of ancestors. 

Discover the steps to healing and reaping the benefits encoded within your DNA with Teal’s NEW Ancestral Healing Program 

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Most of us have struggled to understand who we are,
why we act and react in certain ways, and identify the source of all our traumas. We flounder in relationships, agonize over the complications of family ties, and fail to understand even our own behaviors.

Most people spend their lives trying to fix the surface symptoms
of their problems and challenges without ever getting to the root cause. Unless you can discover the root causes of your traumas and challenges, the best you will ever do is try to use a lawnmower to get rid of “weeds” that have overtaken your backyard, yet they grow back even more strongly than before. This can leave you in a cycle of temporary relief that always leads back to disappointment that can be exhausting.

Regardless of all the technology and social media in today’s world, you can end up feeling very alone and even isolated.

There is No Other Ancestral Healing Program Like This On Earth

Ancestral Healing incorporates shadow work into the healing process. The instructions and lessons are communicated in a clear, easy to understand way that anyone can follow and experience.
Teal uses her leading-edge modalities such as her version of parts work to facilitate major positive change and heal past wounds rather than covering them up with futile and empty affirmations or spiritual bypassing.
Ancestral Healing is a full-on journey into self-exploration that connects you and your life with the continuity of your familial line.
Hello… I’m Teal Swan.

I didn't feel like I fit in with my family while growing up. I didn’t think we had much in common.

My parents seemed quite content with a small life. They didn't value success on any grand scale. We lived a simple life in the wilderness, and they worked stable salary jobs with no ambition for any greatness.
Yet I found the conformity of defined expectations difficult and even painful. No matter how hard I might have fought against my differences, the entrepreneurial spirit could not be stifled or bridled.
Being so different resulted in deep loneliness.

Featured in:

How An Innocent Curiosity Uncovered 
A Path to Miracle Convergence

One day, the idea of knowing more about my ancestral past became intriguing. I wanted to know my ancestors. I had no idea how this simple curiosity would change my life at its very core.

On my ancestral journey, there have been so many moments of profound discovery… as if the skies opened with beams of light pointing me in new directions and revealing the very elements of my identity. I call these my ‘celestial ancestral’ moments!

I uncovered major events, stories, and even small details that were like windows into who I am. As I dove into my own genealogy, I had a startling realization...

I was not the one that didn't fit in my family.
My parents were the odd ducks of our lineage!
My parents were the misfits. In fact, my family tree is riddled with generation after generation of people that aimed for and accomplished greatness. From a great many business titans of early America to politicians and accomplished war generals. There are high society socialites with impressive titles and charities and pilgrims that crossed the Atlantic Sea on the Mayflower to establish a new country.

The ambition may have skipped a generation, but when I discovered the motivations and personalities of these people in my lineage, I realized that I fit right in. And suddenly, I felt belonging with people I had never met and a new belonging in my family. Suddenly, I wasn't so alone.
“And for the first time in my life I felt like I am in control!”
In Your Ancestry Lies the Essence of Who You Truly Are,
the Salve For Your Pain,
and the Keys to Unlock Your Intended Potential
Many people that have not yet sought the root causes of their life struggles, nor go back to examine their childhood and formative years. But they will often stop there. They do not connect with the continuum of their life force. Because most people only consider their experiences and situation from birth; they are forever perplexed and seeking to discover and understand themselves.

Yet our traumas and triumphs and the essence of who we are, our identity, are all entrenched much deeper, below the surface of our lives, as with most ‘roots.’

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$674 $497 or 3 payments of $199
Your Ancestors are Influencing and Affecting You Everyday
Our experiences in our lives are only part of who we are. You can have wounds that are rooted in your ancestry that unless you uncover and resolve, can keep you fated to a lifetime of pain.
The Triumphs of Your Ancestors are Your Triumphs
The Traumas of Your Ancestors are Your Traumas
Like you, most people are suffering from traumatic and negative experiences passed down to us from our ancestors. Until we know to delve into our challenges and pain at the root level most people will just hope and pray that something will heal or change with time. They might even examine their childhood hoping to solve everything, but lack the tools and awareness to much more than take a look.

After experiencing the amazing journey of my own ancestry, and helping countless people do the same, sharing this magical and revolutionary program with you and others is one of my great joys.

Now after years of research, development, and proven results, my new program, Ancestral Healing™ will help you discover your lineage and show you the steps to healing and reaping the benefits of your ancestry in a practical, straightforward way.

By researching and discovering the lives, experiences, relationships, and events of your ancestors, and with the guidance of my program, you can heal, find answers, make sense of who you are, and realize how you might have actually ‘fit in’ all this time!Our experiences in our lives are only part of who we are. You can have wounds that are rooted in your ancestry that unless you uncover and resolve, can keep you fated to a lifetime of pain.

Discover the Magic of Your Existence
With An Exact Plan with Simple Step-By-Step Instructions
That You Can Begin Immediately

From the first lesson you will be taking a journey with amazing personal experiences. With guidance, you will learn what to do, how to do each step, and how to interpret your unique story.

Start your journey today

Get lifetime access to Teal’s Comprehensive Ancestral Healing™ for:
$674 $497 or 3 payments of $199


When you discover the vital importance your ancestors play in your life, the unparalleled power of knowing who you truly are, supercharges you to take control of your life.

Imagine seeing yourself with a new perspective that is connected with who you truly are.
You will:
  • Discover Unknown Characteristics and Talents
  • Discover the source of irrational fears and hope to overcome them
  • Recover from ancestral trauma
  • ​Discover and integrate the gifts from your own roots
  • ​Transform and Overcome the negatives and obstacles
  • ​Tap into Your Strengths in a highly conscious way
And You will:
  • Celebrate the Positives of Your Ancestral Line
  • Master your Ancestral Roots and Talents
  • Uncover your true sense of Belonging with humanity
  • ​Become energized and empowered by your current relationships
  • ​Wake up each day with a fresh outlook and anticipation for the day
  • ​Awaken to your true Authenticity
TEAL SWAN's Mission is the Transformation of Human Suffering to an Empowered and Authentic Life
Teal Swan's teachings invite people to step fully into their authenticity, knowing that this will bring about the positive change that we want to see in the world.
Teal Swan is an international speaker and teacher committed to surmounting human suffering. She was born with a range of extrasensory abilities and is a survivor of severe childhood abuse. Today she uses her gifts as well as her own harrowing life experience to inspire millions of people towards authenticity, freedom and joy and teaching people how to transform their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain.
She is the creator of the popular "Ask Teal" YouTube series, author of six internationally published books, and the artist of hundreds of frequency paintings.

In conjunction with her vision of creating positive world change, Teal Swan founded HEADWAY FOUNDATION, a nonprofit company that enables ideas, goals, and ventures that are aimed at positive world change.
Guided Missions to explore your Ancestral Patterns & Culture

Easy-to-follow exercises with demonstrations from Teal’s team

Follow along the 60-day roadmap with a support group

Easy to access video lessons from any device

Able to re-work the course throughout the course of your lifetime

Feel connected to your ancestors in journeywork guided meditation

Identify familial patterns which both serve you and are a detriment to you

Pull up beliefs and behaviors by the root which are outdated and no longer a benefit

Re-own your culture in a conscious way through guided research and experiential exercises

Learn how to use the hand of cards you were dealt in this life in an empowered way

Discover what family means to you and put an end to the “shadow tribe” toxic version of family
Integrate childhood wounds and resolve past trauma which has had you by the leash all these years, becoming their authentic selves and live a life of real integrity rather than “false pre-determined destinies”
Understand where you have free will and where you’re not just doomed based on what you’ve inherited
Reclaim the positives within your family line, effectively healing, leveling up and re-claiming the positive spirit of the family

Start your journey today

Get lifetime access to Teal’s Comprehensive Ancestral Healing™ for:
$674 $497 or 3 payments of $199
Find immense relief and put an end to deterministic patterns of suffering, even if you know nothing at this moment about your ancestors or family

Reclaim the positives within your family line; effectively healing, leveling up and re-claiming the positive spirit of the family.

Your Ancestral Healing Journey

Your journey will start with an amazing look at the magic of your own existence. You will discover your family tree lives within you.
You will learn how your ancestors are Influencing and Affecting Your Everyday Existence.
The Triumphs of Your Ancestors are Your Triumphs
The Traumas of Your Ancestors are Your Traumas

When you learn the triumphs of your ancestors this program will show you how to integrate these positives and tap into those strengths in a highly conscious way.
Teal shares stories from her own personal experiences researching ancestry, explains what ancestral trauma is, and how it gets passed down. She also touches on epigenetics, the truth about our DNA, and what it means to essentially ‘clear’ ancestral trauma.
The Comprehensive Ancestral Healing™ Program
consists of instructive videos and a workbook that explain the methods and concepts and gives you the actions to take each step of the way

Start your journey today

Get lifetime access to Teal’s Comprehensive Ancestral Healing™  for:
$674 $497 or 3 payments of $199

Here is what you are going to learn:

Mission 1 – Do Parts Work with the Part of You that is in Resistance to Your Ancestry or to Ancestral Healing:

With Teal as your guide, you will first learn about resistance; what this challenge means and how resistance gets in the way of resolving trauma.

Discover how to stop defying your resistance or attempting to face this head on. Instead, see how to communicate with and learn the personal truths held by your resistance. Teal walks you through an exercise in parts work with strategic questions and the steps to take.

You will also experience a true case study with Tristen, a member of Teal’s team.

Mission 2 - Let the Research Begin:

Teal will show you all of the resources, places and ideas for learning more about your family line. You will see why getting as much knowledge as you can about your ancestors will be so valuable to you.

You will become a full blown ancestral detective by the end of this mission.

Mission 3 – Find External Examples:

Teal will help you connect the dots with two examples from your own ancestry. You will see how healing happens by using the examples, and how it will happen for you too.

Mission 4 – Pick a Direct Ancestral Trauma:

You learn to identify a ‘direct ancestral trauma’ and how you can use your free will to change the pattern of that trauma.

A complete demonstration of this exercise is included, so you can see exactly how to do this.

Mission 5 – Pick an Indirect Ancestral Trauma:

Now you will learn what and ‘indirect ancestral trauma’ is and how to identify yours. Then use Teal’s method to use your free will to decide what to consciously change with the pattern of that trauma. You will get clarity in how the healing will take place.

Mission 6 – Pick and Choose:

In this mission, you are going to learn about the people and/or culture(s) and/or places that you come from. Then you can decide what aspects you want to re-own, revive and embody and which ones you want to let go of and not perpetuate.

You will also look at the negative things you identified. Then see how to discover the hidden positives in those negatives in a process called exaltation.

Mission 7 – Ancestral Judgment Integration Work:

Teal reveals a process that helps you resolve the resistance inherent in the ancestral judgements you will have and how to practically create integration.

Mission 8 – Do an Ancestral Healing Journey in Meditation:

Discover how to interact with your ancestors in a non-physical way. Follow along to Teal’s voice through a guided journeywork meditation experience.

Mission 9 - Pick Another Ancestral Trauma and Consciously Bring About or Experience the Resolution to It:

Now that you have identified your ancestral traumas, you are going to pick a specific ancestral trauma and consciously create and experience the resolution. You are going to be the improvement for your ancestors and healing for you.

Mission 10 - Pick an Ancestral Karma to Resolve and Do Something Proactive to Resolve It:

See how karma in your family line can help you resolve, and move in a better direction.

Mission 11 – Pick an Ancestral Aptitude and Develop or Further Embody it:

In this mission, you will discover how ancestral healing is not just about changing negative choices and actions to healing the negative physical, emotional, behavioral, and mental experiences, traits and characteristics.

This journey is about embracing the positive as well. Aptitudes and talents are incredible gifts that are passed down to you. Learn how you can develop these aptitudes within you!

Mission 12 - Dissolve a Negative Ancestral Loyalty:

For this mission, you are going to make your hidden ties of loyalty to your family/ancestors conscious and visible. Teal will show you how to identify a pattern of negative ancestral loyalty; then, you are going to work to dissolve and replace that tie with a different and new way. See real examples as Tristen makes her way on her journey.

Mission 13 - Bring Forgiveness To and Let Go For your Family Line:

You will learn the flow of real forgiveness. See the path to a place of actual forgiveness and how this powerful act heals you.

Mission 14 – Reverse Your Rejection through Re-Ownership:

When you reject your family, you reject yourself; this creates an internal separation and suffering. This mission will help you to powerfully re-own aspects of your ancestral line and traits which you’ve rejected. Let’s see how Tristen has done this, and how you can too!

Mission 15 – Listen to The Music of Your People:

Music can affect you at a genetic level. Discover the music of your ancestors. Learn how to use the location, culture and time periods of your ancestry and their music. Discover how this contributes to your healing process. Witness Tristen going through this extraordinary experience.

Mission 16 – Eat the Food of Your People:

Your ancestors ate specific foods, which begs the old adage: “you are what you eat.” Teal describes how eating the food of your familial line may contribute to the healing process. Learn how diet connects you to your roots.

Last Mission – Go to Your Ancestral Land and Drink the Water:

If you have the means to travel, learn how returning to the place of your ancestors can help you come full circle. Going to the place where your ancestors lived, drinking the water, eating the foods, and grounding in the environment there enables you to experience the elements that forged you. You will create new and stronger connections.

Visiting your ancestral homeland and following the Ancestral Healing Program can bring amazing healing experiences and opportunities.

Start your journey today

Get lifetime access to Teal’s Comprehensive Ancestral Healing™  for:
$674 $497 or 3 payments of $199

When You Learn About Yourself on an ‘Evolutionary Level’ You Can:

Overcome Fears: including pinpointing the source of irrational fears and eliminating them.
Discover Unknown Strengths and Talents
Understand and Overcome Family Relationship Estrangement
Feel a New Sense of Exactly How You DO Fit in the World
Get Teal's Comprehensive Ancestral Healing™ 

you will get Teal Swan’s Comprehensive Ancestral Healing™ Program 
Including All 17 Modules for:

$674 $497 or 3 payments of $199

Lifetime access. If for any reason you are not ecstatic with Ancestral Healing, 
just let my team know within 5 days of purchase at and we'll refund your investment.

This is likely not your first time trying to figure out a way to improve your relationships. And you're probably skeptical about this, and you should be.
There is a lot of fluff advice and teachings out there that only make the situation worse by teaching you how to mask or ignore your pain.

This is not the case. But I completely understand if you're hesitant to try something without knowing what you're getting first. That's why the Comprehensive Ancestral Healing™ comes with a 5-day money back guarantee.

If for any reason you don't find the Comprehensive Ancestral Healing™ helpful, or if it doesn't live up to your expectations, just let my team know at and we'll refund your investment.


I’m super busy right now, but I want to take this course. Do I need to devote a lot of time to get something beneficial from it?
We understand that life can get busy, and that's why we've designed the course to have lifetime access and to be accommodating to your schedule. While the more time you can dedicate to the course, the deeper your experience may be, even devoting a few hours a week can yield significant benefits. The course is structured with bite-sized modules, making it easy to fit into your daily routine. Remember, the journey of ancestral healing is about progress, not perfection. Every step you take will contribute to your personal growth and healing.

Why should I be focusing on Ancestral Healing when my own life is a mess right now?
That’s one of the primary reasons Teal created this course! Ancestral Healing is intricately connected to addressing the challenges you are facing in your current life. Many of the detrimental patterns and difficulties we encounter stem from inherited traumas and behaviors passed down through generations. By engaging in the ancestral healing process, you can break these cycles and gain insights into why certain aspects of your life aren't working. The course provides a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share similar struggles, fostering a safe environment for receiving support.
What if I have no relationship with my biological family? Will this still be useful for me?
Absolutely! The benefits extend to everyone, regardless of your connection with your biological family. The challenge is designed to delve into the depths of your very own DNA, where you can uncover and address any detrimental personal patterns linked to ancestral trauma and inherited relationship behaviors. This self-discovery process will lead to positive transformations and healing for your overall well-being.
What if I don’t know how to do the exercises, is it possible to do it wrong?
Rest assured that Teal has taken special care to ensure clarity and guidance throughout the course. She has personally taken one of her own team members through the entire process, so you can feel confident that the exercises are well-explained and easy to follow. Additionally, you will have access to a supportive peer-to-peer group where you can ask questions and connect with others who may have faced similar challenges. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to embark on a journey of personal growth and self-awareness. Any step you take, even if it feels uncertain at times, will ultimately serve you greatly in your healing process.
Is there a guarantee?
You can test the course risk-free for five days. If you don’t find the content valuable, you can change your mind and ask for your money back. My team will refund you, no questions asked.
What if I have more questions? 
Email us anytime!

Your life might have begun at conception, but who you are, is made up of centuries of ancestors.
You are the Life Continuation of thousands of people: Your Ancestors

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Get lifetime access to Teal’s Comprehensive Ancestral Healing™  for:
$674 $497 or 3 payments of $199
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