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  • Gain clarity to create and live your highest potentials
  • Feel calm with Teal's voice guiding you through meditation 
  • Choose to start and end your day on a positive note
  • As an international speaker and best-selling author, Teal Swan is on a mission to help people who experienced suffering and trauma to take charge of their own healing process so they can live empowered and unapologetic lives.

    With the support of Teal Swan’s shadow work meditations, courses and books, many have overcome the challenges of trauma, abuse, anxiety, and depression – to name a few.

    Well Done!

    Everyone is afraid.

    I went to a gym this morning to run around an indoor track in anonymity. And in the faces of those who ran beside me, I could clearly see how hard we are all pretending to not be afraid.

    We are hoping no one notices we are afraid.We are secretly wondering as a result, why we are afraid and everyone else seems to be doing fine.

    If you are tired of self-doubt holding you back from living a happier life, if you want to be the best version of yourself but can’t seem to get there because your mind is always in overdrive and filled with negative thoughts...

    You’re not alone.

    Millions of people suffer from self-doubt, and it can be crippling to your success and health.

    But you don’t have to live with that anymore.

    I created these meditations for people just like you who want to break free from the shackles of self-doubt and start living a healthier, happier life!

    Over 200,000 people have used my Meditations Vault to learn how to transform self doubt into self love and live healthier lives.

    The Meditations Vault will guide you through beautiful, tranquil visualizations that allow you to fall back in love with yourself, uncover and heal trauma, deal with disappointment and fears.

    Start meditating today and see how much relief you will experience after only one session!
    Regular Price $150
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    Hear from the people who have had success with Teal’s Meditations Vault

    Thousands improved their relationship with their inner child with these meditations.
    Helena Zavesky

    Amazing! Incredibly powerful meditations. Loved them. Would recommend them to anyone and everyone.
    Tatyana Maag

    Very powerful. This meditation has been a great aid to my shadow work practice and my pursuit of self love. Thank you, Teal Swan for this amazing gift

    Relief. This was a GOODbye with love and respect and was guided by Teal with so much Love and Wisdom. No Force, no pressure. Just a wonderful guidance to letting go of the Negative. Finally RELIEF
    Yuliyana Doncheva

    I really like the Womb Healing meditation and it worked really well for me. The first time I worked with it, I had such vivid and sad images that came to me, so I was able to really "see" and replant my womb garden. It is a beautiful way to reconnect with our inner self and the core of our femininity. I use it a few times per week and really feel like I am doing something valuable and very loving about myself. Thank you, Teal and Team! I strongly recommend getting it!
    Lisa Rendina

    Very Powerful!!! I’m not the best at visualizing but I could really feel the intensity, and power of the shield created in this meditation!
    Anna Sommer

    Amazing meditations! I use these daily and love them. Whatever I am feeling or going through, there is a meditation that is helpful and guides me into a deeper understanding of myself, helps me to be at ease with where I am at, and offers a lovely peaceful experience. So thankful for these!
    Erasmo Flores

    This meditation was very effective in washing away my troubles. It was very cleansing, powerful, and fun! I was floating in a river while tethered to a one rope bridge while any negativity was washed away. Beautiful visions. Beautiful feelings! Totally necessary!

    Liberating. This meditation was so
    Sidanthi Siriwardena

    Do it when you're in crisis. This meditation was really helpful to me but I think it works best when you have anxiety or fear about specific issues or an event. Get specific, I don't think it's suitable for general anxiety but scary thoughts about a problem.
    Suzanne Hatton

    Very powerful meditation. I have found this meditation very powerful and have been doing it most days. It makes me very calm and safe for hours after. Teal's voice is so calming and the visualization is amazing for creating a very strong feeling of protection. I definitely recommend this meditation.
    Ana-Maria Duta

    Absolutely love them. I've only done a few out of a lot haha BUT cannot even begin to explain how wonderful they are

    This meditation really helped gather myself and stay calm when feeling the most difficult emotions. Thank you , Teal!

    Love it. It helped me create the thoughts that I could bring in wealth and didn’t necessarily have to push away when I was just “being”. That was one of the biggest conscious shifts... the knowing that it can stay and didn’t have to leave. It’s comforting. In fact, I think I’ll listen to it now. 
    I have become more comfortable accepting money and the thought/possibility of it growing natural into my life. It seems to be doing just that... finding new ways to come to me and grow.
    Micha Michael Lohse

    A powerful weapon when needed. It is not so much that I need it now, but I want it around when the need arises. I feel safer just having it. As the instructions state you should not cut yourself off normally, but if the need arises I have the defense.
    These meditations have helped over 200,000 people just like yourself transform self-doubt into self love, so they could leave behind stress and pressure. Now it's time for you to do the same!
    Regular Price $150
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    Start meditating today

    & see how much relief you will experience after only one session!
    Regular Price $150
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    Meditation #1
    Discover Your Self Concept ($4.99 value)
    Meditation #2
    Attracting Your Soul Mate ($4.99 value)
    Meditation #3
    Give It Back (Shadow Med.) ($4.99 value)
    Meditation #4
    Merging With Your Future Self ($4.99 value)
    Meditation #5
    Feel Good ($4.99 value)
    Meditation #6
    Forgiveness ($4.99 value)
    Meditation #7
    Stress Relief ($4.99 value)
    Meditation #8
    Tree Meditation ($4.99 value)
    Meditation #9
    Meet Your Spirit Animal ($4.99 value)
    Meditation #10
    Cutting Cords ($4.99 value)
    Meditation #11
    Replacing The Pain ($4.99 value)
    Meditation #12
    The Sanctuary ($4.99 value)
    Meditation #13
    River Release ($4.99 value)
    Meditation #14
    Financial Abundance ($4.99 value)
    Meditation #15
    Gayatri ($4.99 value)
    Meditation #16
    Crown Chakra Opening ($4.99 value)
    Meditation #17
    Openness ($4.99 value)
    Meditation #18
    Heartbeat ($4.99 value)
    Meditation #19
    Dissolving Stuckness ($4.99 value)
    Meditation #20
    Healing the Masculine Wound ($7.99 value)
    Meditation #21
    Womb Healing ($7.99 value)
    Meditation #22
    Calming Your Fear ($4.99 value)
    Meditation #23
    Powerful Protection ($4.99 value)
    Meditation #24
    Rapid Relaxation ($4.99 value)
    Meditation #25
    Get What You Want ($4.99 value)
    Meditation #26
    Why You're Not Getting What You Want ($4.99 value)
    Meditation #27
    Follow The Raven ($4.99 value)
    Meditation #28
    Play It Forward ($4.99 value)
    Meditation #29
    Classic Body Scan ($4.99 value)
    Meditation #30
    The Inner Child ($4.99 value)

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