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Teal’s Meditations Vault

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One time offer - Add the "Making Progress Bundle" for $27: This gives you access to Teal's best teachings on navigating life & relationships with clarity and personal power plus 268 inspirational quotes to guide you from stagnation to progress. Here's what's inside: ✔️"The Connection Process Audiobook" ✔️"The Self Empowerment Teachings eBook" ✔️"Feeling Stuck In Your Life 1 Hour Q&A Workshop"

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✅ Perceive fundamental truths about yourself, and others
✅ See, hear, feel, and understand yourself and others
✅ Develop a deep sense of connectedness with the world

Hear from the people who have had success with Teal’s Meditations Vault

Helena Zavesky

Amazing! Incredibly powerful meditations. Loved them. Would recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Relief. This was a GOODbye with love and respect and was guided by Teal with so much Love and Wisdom. No Force, no pressure. Just a wonderful guidance to letting go of the Negative. Finally RELIEF
Anna Sommer

Amazing meditations! I use these daily and love them. Whatever I am feeling or going through, there is a meditation that is helpful and guides me into a deeper understanding of myself, helps me to be at ease with where I am at, and offers a lovely peaceful experience. So thankful for these!
Micha Michael Lohse

A powerful weapon when needed. It is not so much that I need it now, but I want it around when the need arises. I feel safer just having it. As the instructions state you should not cut yourself off normally, but if the need arises I have the defense.
Erasmo Flores

This meditation was very effective in washing away my troubles. It was very cleansing, powerful, and fun! I was floating in a river while tethered to a one rope bridge while any negativity was washed away. Beautiful visions. Beautiful feelings! Totally necessary!
Lisa Rendina

Very Powerful!!! I’m not the best at visualizing but I could really feel the intensity, and power of the shield created in this meditation!

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